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Craig Bartlett

Craig Bartlett is the creator and executive producer of Hey Arnold!, and does a multitude of jobs such as writing, directing, and voice acting (he performs such characters as Brainy, Nocturnal Ned, Arnold's dad, and various others). He also loves his fans and has provided a lot of information to this web site. This section is an archive of what Craig has contributed to this site and to the web.

On this site
11/98 Interview (Kim Burk)
04/00 Chat transcript (edited)
04/00 Comic - "My Charlie Brown Story" [Page 1] [Page 2]

11/02 Chat transcript (edited)
02/04 Chat transcript for Party Wagon (edited)

AWN article "Craig Bartlett's Charmed Past Life"
Here's How They Make a Cartoon (Christian Science Monitor) [Part 1] [Part 2]
Interview (Megawacky Max)


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