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Holiday Episodes

Arnold's Christmas, Arnold's Valentine, Arnold's Halloween, Arnold's Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, April Fools Day

Arnold's Christmas (1st season) - The boarders assign each other a Secret Santa, and Arnold has to get a present for Mr. Hyunh. Arnold hears Mr. Hyunh's story about his lost daughter Mai, and decides to search the city for her. Meanwhile, Helga searches the city frantically for a perfect present for Arnold, and finds out it may be the one thing she wanted the most for Christmas.

Arnold's Valentine (1st season) - Arnold makes a date with Ruth on Valentines' Night, then reads a letter from his French pen pal Cecille that she's coming over the same night (which is really Helga in disguise), and dates are set up at restaurants right across from each other. Arnold finds himself running back and forth between the two restaurants, until the real Cecille decides to surprise Arnold by flying over from France.

Arnold's Halloween (2nd season) - Arnold and Gerald play a Halloween prank on Grandpa by making him think aliens have landed in the city, but not unlike Orson Wells, their radio broadcast goes city-wide and everyone goes in panic.

Arnold's Thanksgiving (3rd season) - Arnold's Fourth of July Celebration on Thanksgiving isn't exactly what he had in mind for the holiday, and Helga has to put up with helping Olga make dinner and Big Bob's watching football. They both go to Mr. Simmon's house in search for the perfect Thanksgiving, only to find that his isn't going so well either.

Veterans Day (4th season) - Grandpa and Martin go with Arnold and Gerald on a trip to D.C. to teach them about the meaning of Veterans Day, and tell their war stories. Grandpa proves himself to be a great WWII hero, but Gerald is disappointed to learn that his dad was only an office clerk during Vietnam.

April Fools Day (5th season) - Arnold keeps falling for Helga's April Fools pranks, so he decides to get back at her with a gift box that glares a bright light. Helga's resulting blindness is only temporary, but she has no desire to tell Arnold that.


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