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1st Season

first aired - October 7, 1996

Downtown as Fruits, Eugene's Bike, Operation Ruthless, The Vacant Lot, Heat, Snow, Mugged, Roughin' It, Das Subway, Wheezin' Ed, Helga's Makeover, The Old Building, 6th Grade Girls, The Baseball, Benchwarmer, The Cool Jerk, Door #16, Arnold as Cupid, Tutoring Torvald, Gerald Comes Over, Spelling Bee, Pigeon Man, The Little Pink Book, Field Trip, Abner Come Home, The Sewer King, False Alarm, World Records, Magic Show, 24 Hours to Live, Arnold's Hat, Stoop Kid, The List, The Haunted Train

Downtown as Fruits - Arnold and Gerald decide to skip Helga's Four Food Groups play by riding the bus a while, but they end up becoming stuck downtown - as a strawberry and a banana.

Eugene's Bike - Once again, Arnold manages to give Eugene bad luck, this time by accidentally ruining Eugene's brand new bike.  Arnold tries to make up for all the times he's caused Eugene bad luck by spending a day with him without anything bad happening, but even that doesn't go so good.

Operation Ruthless - Helga finds out about Arnold's love for Ruth and his plans to meet her at the Annual Cheese Fair, and Helga makes sure Ruth will never meet him, in a plan known as "Operation Ruthless".

The Vacant Lot - Arnold and Gerald finally find a place to play baseball, and after cleaning it up find that the adults have taken charge of what took them so long to get.

Heat - A heat wave hits the city, and Arnold and Gerald try to find a way to get cool, which is nearly impossible considering long lines at the theater, crowded warm-water pools, and an ice cream man who charges $20 for a snow cone.

Snow - It's the first snow of the season, and Arnold is looking forward to playing in the snow, but Grandpa needs help taking care of the boarding house.

Mugged - After Arnold is mugged on the street, Grandma teaches him martial arts, but Arnold gets carried away with it.

Roughin' It - Grandpa takes Arnold and Gerald camping the "real" way, but Big Bob Pataki, Helga, and Phoebe camp beside them in their RV.  Arnold and Gerald have a terrible time camping in their tent until the group gets lost on the trail and Grandpa's survival teaching leads Arnold and Gerald toward the camp site.

Das Subway - The kids are late getting home from a movie and Arnold decides to take the subway.  Things are fine until the subway becomes stuck under the tunnel, and things get a little hectic.

Wheezin' Ed - The kids search for a treasure, in caves that are known to be haunted by Wheezin' Ed.  They don't find any treasure, but they do find the site of a counterfeit penny operation.

Helga's Makeover - After Helga isn't invited to Rhonda's sleepover, she decides to become "one of the girls" by giving herself a makeover.

The Old Building - Arnold promises to help Grandma save the Circle Theater, after promising Ernie he'd help knock it down for Ernie's 500th demolition.

6th Grade Girls - Arnold and Gerald are invited to a dance by 6th grade girls, not knowing that the girls invited them to make their boyfriends jealous.

The Baseball - Arnold's favorite baseball player, Mickey Kaline, is about to retire, and Arnold's determined to go to his last game.

Benchwarmer - Arnold and Gerald are on the YMMA's basketball team, and Coach Wittenberg teaches the team to always pass the ball to his son Tucker.  Arnold teaches Tucker how to do free-throw shots, only to find he still hogs all the credit.

The Cool Jerk - Arnold starts hanging around with Frankie G., who's known for his coolness, but then Arnold finds out Frankie's not as cool as he thought he was.

Door #16 - Arnold is left with a package for Mr. Smith, and  him and Gerald search throughout the city for someone they know nothing about.

Arnold as Cupid - After Oskar and Suzie get into a fight, Arnold is determined to get them back together before Oskar drives him crazy.

Tutoring Torvald -Arnold is assigned to tutor Torvald, a 13 year old in 4th grade, in math, but all Torvald wants to do is bully the others around.

Gerald Comes Over - Gerald comes over to the boarding house, but with rent collecting, pet chickens, fights, a very private border and a role-playing grandma, Arnold feels a little embarrassed about his "extended family."

Spelling Bee - Arnold and Helga are both in the Spelling Bee, and Helga is pressured to win by her father, her sister's past spelling bee, and the fact that Arnold's her competitor.

Pigeon Man - Arnold takes his sick pigeon to the Pigeon Man, a guy who the other kids think is a freak because his only friends are birds.

The Little Pink Book - Helga loses her pink book, which she uses to write love poems about Arnold, and it gets into Arnold and Gerald's hands.  Helga has to get it back before Arnold gets to the last page (where she signed it), and sneaks into his room to get it.

Field Trip - The class goes on a field trip to the aquarium, anxious to see Lock Jaw, but they find out it's only an old graffiti-covered turtle, and Arnold and Grandma try to set it free.

Abner Come Home - Arnold's pet pig Abner runs away, and Arnold lures him back with Abner's favorite thing, garbage.

The Sewer King - Arnold accidentally drops his grandpa's watch into a manhole, and goes in it to get the watch back.  There he and Gerald meet the Sewer King, who wants to keep the watch as his royal icon.

False Alarm - Eugene is suspected of pulling the fire alarm, and it's up to a student jury to vote on the verdict, but Arnold's the only one who believes Eugene could be innocent.

World Records - Arnold is determined to get into the World Book of Records, and he gets all the kids involved.

Magic Show - During Arnold's magic show, he makes Helga disappear by putting her in a box, but Helga sneaks out.  After running into a post, she has a dream that she really disappeared, and no one missed her.

24 Hours to Live - After Arnold accidentally hits Harold in the face with a baseball, Helga persuades Harold to wait until the next day to fight him.  Meanwhile, Helga reminds Arnold every second how long his has to live.

Arnold's Hat - Helga is determined to get Arnold's hat in order to complete a sculpture she's making of him (made out of his chewed gum).  When Arnold won't go out of his room without his hat, Helga tries to get it back, which is on it's way to the dump.

Stoop Kid - Gerald tells the legend of Stoop Kid, a kid who lives on his stoop and harasses the passers-by without ever leaving.  When Arnold proves Stoop Kid's afraid to leave his stoop, he helps him try to get off.

The List - Arnold is determined to do everything on the list for a kid's perfect Saturday, but his perfect day turns into a nightmare.

The Haunted Train - Grandpa tells the kids about the legend of the Haunted Train, and Arnold, Gerald, and Helga go to the train station the night the Haunted Train arrives to prove who's scared and if it's a true story.


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