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2nd Season

first aired - September 21, 1997

Save the Tree, The New Teacher, Helga's Love Potion, Gerald's Secret, The Scoop, Harold's Kitty, Longest Monday, Eugene's Pet, Monkey Business, Big Caesar, Ransom, Ms. Perfect, Arnold Saves Sid, Hookey, Mudbowl, Gerald Moves Out, The High Life, Best Friends, Steely Phil, Quantity Time, Eating Contest, Rhonda's Glasses, Eugene Goes Bad, What's Opera Arnold?, Freeze Frame, Phoebe Cheats, Helga's Boyfriend, Crush on Teacher, Hall Monitor, Harold's Bar Mitzvah, Tour De Pond, Teachers' Strike, Runaway Float, Partners, Coach Wittenberg, Four-Eyed Jack

Save the Tree - Big Bob Pataki is planning on knocking down Old Pete, the oldest tree in the neighborhood, to build a beeper emporium.

The New Teacher - Miss Slovak leaves her job, and Mr. Simmons becomes the new teacher. The kids aren't too crazy about his "be your own unique self" teaching method and find a way to get rid of him, then realize things were better with Mr. Simmons than with their new teacher, Lieutenant Major Goose.
Helga's Love Potion - Helga gets tired of her love for Arnold making her feel mad and mixed up all the time, and drinks a potion to make her "out of love". Helga then finds out she's not as creative without it.

Gerald's Secret - Gerald confesses to Arnold that he never learned how to ride a bike, and Arnold has to train him before the Bikeathon.
The Scoop - Helga breaks away from Arnold's school newspaper and starts one of her own, filled with tabloid stories instead of facts.

Harold's Kitty - Harold finds a stray kitten and keeps it as his own. Arnold's flyers bring the real owner back to find her lost kitten, but Harold won't give the kitten up.
Longest Monday - Gerald tells the story of Trash Can Day, the first Monday of June when 4th graders are thrown into trash cans by the 5th graders.

Eugene's Pet - Arnold accidentally kills Eugene's goldfish, and is determined to get him a new pet.
Monkey Business - Mr. Simmons teaches the class about Monkeynucleosis, a made-up disease that a person gets from contact with a monkey. After Helga comes in contact with an organ grinder's monkey, she makes herself believe she has the disease.

Big Caesar - Arnold and Gerald try to catch Big Caesar, a prehistoric fish that is hard to believe even exists. Grandpa tells the boys about his attempt to catch Big Caesar and teaches them the ropes of fishing.
Ransom - Timberly's stuffed Wally the Gator toy is stolen, and Arnold, Gerald, and Timberly team up to find it. It turns out Timberly stole it herself, so she could be able to spend time with her big brother.

Ms. Perfect - Lila, the new student, tries to make friends at her new school, and the girls (Helga, Phoebe, Rhonda, Nadine, and Sheena) teach her how to fit in. When Lila becomes popular without their help, the girls feel she's too perfect and plot to get even.
Arnold Saves Sid - When Arnold stops a board from falling on Sid, Sid feels Arnold saved his life and becomes his slave as a way to thank him, and it drives Arnold crazy.

Hookey - Arnold and Gerald decide to skip school to have a good time, but they're so busy trying not to get caught that they have a terrible time.
Mudbowl - The 5th graders challenge the 4th graders to a game of football, and Arnold believes the 4th graders can win by using their smarts, but Helga disagrees and takes over coaching the team.

Gerald Moves Out - Gerald gets tired of his brother's wrestling moves and his sister ruining his stuff, and rents a room at Sunset Arms.
The High Life - Gerald tries to make money by selling Wacko Watches, but when he sells them to everyone, Gerald's stuck with a load of watches and no one to buy them.

Best Friends - Arnold, Rhonda and Nadine are grouped up for a school project, but Rhonda and Nadine get into a fight over who's project they should do, and Arnold gets stuck in between their fight.
Steely Phil - Arnold's grandpa enters the chinese checkers tournament against Robby Fischer, the man who beat him at the game 40 years ago.

Quantity Time - When Miriam finds out Big Bob and Helga are staying home during spring break, she decides to go visit her mother, and Big Bob and Helga are left doing the shopping and spending "quantity time" together.
Eating Contest - Grandpa enters Arnold in the city's eating contest, but he faces competition against a kid known as "The Disposal".

Rhonda's Glasses - Rhonda has to wear glasses, which is something Rhonda believes only geeks wear, but if Rhonda has to be a geek then the rules about geeks are gonna have to change.
Eugene Goes Bad - Eugene finds out that his TV hero, The Abdicator, is just an overpaid, whiny Hollywood star who doesn't do his own stunts, and without a role model, Eugene decides to go bad.

What's Opera Arnold? - Mr. Packenham takes the 4th grade class on a field trip to see the opera "Carmen", and while Arnold falls asleep and dreams of him and Ruth, Helga dreams of getting rid of Ruth and having "Don Arnold" for herself.
Freeze Frame - Arnold and Gerald find an envelope in a tree, and the clues lead them on to an investigation in which they believe a man named Marty could be in serious danger.

Phoebe Cheats - Phoebe is determined to win a poetry contest, and when she can't think of anything to write, she copies a poem from a book. The statue of Emily Dickinson that she wins for her poem comes back again and again to haunt her.
Helga's Boyfriend - Helga hires Stinky as her boyfriend to make Arnold jealous, but her plan backfires.

Crush on Teacher - Arnold gets a crush on Miss Felter, the substitute teacher, and Gerald overhears her talking about a dinner she has planned for Arnold.
Hall Monitor - Helga appoints Phoebe hall monitor and teaches her how to do the job. Phoebe then becomes a stricter hall monitor than Helga.

Harold's Bar Mitzvah - Harold's about to have his bar mitzvah (a Jewish ceremony that takes place when someone becomes 13 years old), and afraid of all the responsibilities he'll be faced with, he decides to run away.
Tour De Pond - Arnold and Gerald enter the Tour De Pond boat race, and face competition with Rex Smythe Higgins, who's family has won ever since Rex's grandfather beat Arnold's grandpa.

Teachers' Strike - The teachers go on strike, and at first all the kids are happy, until they find out the days they miss have to be made up during the summer.
Runaway Float - Arnold comes up with a great design for the 4th grade float, and Helga talks her dad into providing cash for them to build it.

Partners - The '50s music icons Dino Spumoni and Don Reynolds break up, only to find that Dino can't write good lyrics and Don can't write good music.
Coach Wittenberg - Arnold's bowling team is looking for a coach, and find Coach Wittenberg. Now it's up to Arnold to teach Wittenberg how to coach them like a team.

Four-Eyed Jack - Arnold and Gerald find some old glasses, and Grandpa tells them the story of Four-Eyed Jack. The boarders end up searching the house for his ghost.


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