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3rd Season

first aired - August 31, 1998

Helga Blabs It All, Harold the Butcher, Dangerous Lumber, Mr. Hyunh Goes Country, Arnold's Room, Helga vs. Big Patty, Stinky Goes Hollywood, Olga Gets Engaged, Curly Snaps, Preteen Scream, Grandpa's Birthday, Road Trip, Sid's Payback, Roller Coaster, Aptitude Test, Oskar Gets a Job, Arnold Betrays Iggy, Helga and the Nanny, Career Day, Hey Harold!, Best Man, Cool Party, Arnold Loves Lila, Grand Prix, Helga's Show, Flood, Part-Time Friends, Biosquare, Phoebe Takes a Fall, The Pig War, Crabby Author, Rich Kid, Girl Trouble, School Dance, School Play

Helga Blabs It All - Helga, under the effects of laughing gas, leaves a message confessing her love on Arnold's answering machine.  She then has to sneak inside the boarding house to retrieve the machine's tape before anyone gets a chance to hear it.

Harold The Butcher - Harold is caught stealing a ham from Mr. Green's butcher shop, and as a punishment has to work there.  Harold then believes  he's found his calling  and wants to be a butcher.

Dangerous Lumber - Arnold becomes a hot hitter in baseball, but every time he hits the ball it injures someone else.  Arnold refuses to play baseball again, and Mickey Kaline helps him change his mind.

Mr. Hyunh Goes Country - Arnold and Gerald discover Mr. Hyunh's talent at country singing, and  as his managers make him famous, but Mr. Hyunh would rather keep his simple life without stardom.

Arnold's Room - Sid asks Arnold if he can borrow his room  for a night in order to impress Lorenzo, but Sid keeps having to borrow it.

Helga vs. Big Patty - Helga keeps saying mean things about Patty behind her back, and when Patty finds out she makes plan to fight her the next day.  Fortunately for Helga, Arnold's there to try and talk Patty out of it.

Stinky Goes Hollywood - Stinky becomes the new spokeskid for Yahoo! Soda, only to find out that the company doesn't want him for his talent, but rather for his lack of talent.

Olga Gets Engaged - Olga plans on leaving school and getting married, and at first Helga is excited about getting Olga out of her life, but then finds out that Olga's fiancé Doug is a liar.

Curly Snaps - Curly is looking forward to his turn as ball monitor for recess, but when Sid gets to take the job instead of him, Curly locks himself and the recess balls in Principal Wartz's office.

Preteen Scream - Phoebe wins a contest and gets to meet the famous pop star Ronny Matthews, but when she meets him is disappointed that he doesn't do any of the music himself.

Grandpa's Birthday - Grandpa's about to turn 81 years old, and he figures that since no one in his family has lived past 81, he's going to die soon.

Road Trip - Helga is stuck going on a trip to South Dakota with her mother Miriam, who manages to lose their money and the directions, but saves the day by winning a mechanical bull-riding competition.

Sid's Payback - Principal Wartz gives Sid detention, and Sid tries to get revenge by making a voodoo soap doll.  He later thinks that he's killed Wartz.

Roller Coaster - Arnold tries to prove the other kids that Eugene's not a jinx by going on the roller coaster with him, and they get stuck.

Aptitude Test - The kids take an aptitude test, and when Helga's test and Harold's test get mixed up, Harold believes he's smart and Helga feels dumber.

Oskar Gets a Job - A financial predicament forces Oskar to get a job delivering papers, but he makes excuses so that Arnold can do the work for him.

Arnold Betrays Iggy - Arnold promises not to tell anyone that Iggy wears bunny pajamas, but when word gets out by accident, Iggy refuses to forgive Arnold.

Helga and the Nanny - Big Bob hires a nanny to take care of Helga, but when Helga feels that Ingé runs her life, she tries to get rid of her.

Career Day - Arnold spends Career Day with the Jolly Olly Man, and helps him sell his ice cream in order to keep his job.

Hey Harold! - Harold, who usually hates girls, goes to Rhonda's party and finds out that he and Patty have a lot in common..

Best Man - Coach Wittenberg wants to remarry Tish and asks Arnold to be his best man.  The coach cares about winning almost as much as his wife, and Arnold teaches him that sometimes he has to make a few sacrifices.

Cool Party - Rhonda invites Arnold to a party for only cool kids.  Arnold gets bored at the party and has a "geek party" at his house instead, inviting everyone.

Arnold Loves Lila - Helga writes "Arnold loves Helga" on the wall, but when the kids approach, changes it to "Arnold loves Lila".  Lila sees it and thinks that Arnold loves her, but he explains that he didn't write the message.  Arnold then realizes that maybe the writing on the wall wasn't so wrong after all.

Grand Prix - The kids enter a go-cart race, but when Eugene crashes into Arnold, they have to turn the two broken cars into one car before the big race.

Helga's Show - Helga performs a stand-up routine, imitating her friends.  When they take offense, Helga decides to change her act to say all the good things about everyone, but the kids hate it more than her original act.

Flood - Mr. Simmons' class gets stuck at PS 118 during a flood, and the kids start to get a little restless.  Arnold tries to pull the class together and work as a team.

(held over from 1st season)
Part-Time Friends - In need of money, Arnold and Gerald get a job at Mrs. Vitello's flower shop.  When Mrs. Vitello is injured, she leaves Gerald in charge, and the boys' friendship is put to the test.

Biosquare - Arnold and Helga perform a science project in which they're locked together in a greenhouse for 24 hours, but Helga's only looking for an easy A.

Phoebe Takes a Fall - Helga finally finds a contest that Olga couldn't win, and asks Phoebe to 'take the fall' and let Helga win it.  Helga's guilty concience gets to her and she decides that Phoebe should win after all.

The Pig War - When one of the city's historical battles between the British and the Americans is reenacted, Grandpa signs Arnold's pet Abner as the pig being fought over, and later finds out that whoever captures the pig gets to eat it.

Crabby Author - Arnold is eager to do a report on his favorite author, who turns out to be the opposite of who Arnold thought she was.

Rich Kid - Lorenzo joins the 4th grade class, and Arnold and the other kids teach him not to worry about schedules and appointments so much and to have fun.

Girl Trouble - When Arnold gets tired of Helga picking on him every day, Grandpa tells him a story about a girl who did the same thing to him when he was a kid.

School Dance - Arnold is in charge of finding music for the school dance, but the kids aren't too happy about his choice of getting Dino Spumoni, until he starts singing his old hits.

School Play (30-minute special) - Mr. Simmons hosts the annual School Play and decides that the kids should do Romeo & Juliet.  When Helga hears that Arnold will be Romeo and there will be a kissing scene, she tries to get the part of Juliet, but can only manage to get 4th understudy. 


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