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4th Season

first aired - March 10, 1999

Full Moon, Student Teacher, Big Gino, Jamie O in Love, Eugene's Birthday, Stinky's Pumpkin, The Beeper Queen, Oskar Can't Read?, Dinner for Four, Phoebe Skips, Helga's Parrot, Chocolate Turtles, Love and Cheese, Weighing Harold, Back to School, Egg Story, It Girl, Deconstructing Arnold, Grudge Match, Polishing Rhonda, Weird Cousin, Baby Oskar, Grandpa's Sister, Synchronized Swimming, Helga Sleepwalks, Fighting Families, Headless Cabbie, Friday the 13th, Helga on the Couch, Dino Checks Out

Full Moon - When Arnold witnesses Harold, Sid, and Stinky mooning Principal Wartz, he refuses to tell Wartz who did it, even if it means a mark on his permanent record.

Student Teacher - Helga's sister Olga becomes the new student teacher, and makes Helga feel miserable.

Big Gino - Sid becomes a member of Big Gino's group, but when Gino orders him to give Arnold a swirlie, Sid has to decide who his real friend is.

Jamie O in Love - When Gerald's brother Jamie O falls in love, he becomes nice to him and Arnold, until Gerald finds out that Jamie O's new girlfriend is using him.

Eugene's Birthday - When Eugene's birthday parties are a bust, he begins to think that Arnold is a jinx, and Arnold tries to prove him wrong by throwing a perfect birthday party.

Stinky's Pumpkin - Stinky doesn't believe he's any good at anything, but when he enters a crop-growing contest, he grows the biggest pumpkin in the city.

The Beeper Queen - Miriam starts working for Big Bob at the beeper emporium, and for a while everything is great, until she begins to put her job before her daughter.

Oskar Can't Read? - Oskar is fed up with the troubles of being illiterate, and with Arnold's help, learns how to read.

Dinner for Four - After noticing Arnold talking about how sophisticated Lila is, Helga decides to invite him, Gerald and Phoebe to dinner so that she can show Arnold her more sophisticated side.

Phoebe Skips - Phoebe's grades are good enough for her to switch to the 6th grade, but the 6th grade girls use her, while Helga is left looking for another sidekick.

Helga's Parrot - The new Pataki parrot, which can recite anything it hears, overhears one of Helga's love poems about Arnold and escapes...to Arnold's house.

Chocolate Turtles - Gerald comes up with a plan to make money by selling Campfire Lass chocolate turtles, but his plan backfires when Timberly eats the candy before he can give them out to the customers.

Love and Cheese - Arnold invites Lila to the Cheese Fair, and Helga tags along to make their night as bad as possible.

Weighing Harold - Harold, feeling upset because everyone makes fun of him for being fat, goes to a camp to lose weight, only to find out that he gained weight during the trip.

Back to School - When Arnold finds out that Grandpa never graduated grade school, he suggests going back to get his diploma.

Egg Story - Arnold and Helga get teamed up in Mr. Simmons' class project to take care of an egg for a day. Helga tries to show her nice side, but Arnold, assuming that she's going to start picking on him, lays down the law before she gets a chance.

It Girl - When fashion expert Jonny Stitches visits PS 118, he considers Helga, with her snarling attitude, to be the perfect new model.

Deconstructing Arnold - The other kids get fed up with Arnold's advice-giving, so Arnold decides to let them take care of their own problems, until they realize that everything's falling apart without him.

Grudge Match - When Grandpa and Big Bob run into each other's cars, they decide to have a golfing match to determine who will pay for the damage. One problem: Grandpa's never played golf before.

Polishing Rhonda - After Patty and Rhonda nearly get into a fight, thier parents decide to send both kids to finishing school, where Patty proves herself to be more polite and courteous than Rhonda.

Weird Cousin - Arnold's cousin Arnie visits for a few weeks, and everyone thinks he's weird, except for Lila.

Baby Oskar - Oskar, who can't even take care of himself, has to take care of his infant nephew for a day.

Grandpa's Sister - Grandpa's sister Mitzi unexpectedly comes over to the Sunset Arms, and Grandpa isn't too happy about it.

Synchronized Swimming - Coach Wittenberg talks the boys into forming a synchronized swimming team, though they think it's for girls.

Helga Sleepwalks - After eating one too many pork rinds before bed, Helga sleepwalks, acting out her dreams of confessing to Arnold.

Fighting Families - Arnold is chosen to bring his family on a game show, but his family of boarders can't get along.

Headless Cabbie - Arnold tells the story of the Headless Cabbie during a sleepover, but when the boys go through the park to get some ice cream, the story seems to become true.

Friday the 13th - Wolfgang dares Arnold and Gerald to perform some unlucky acts on Friday the 13th to prove to them that bad luck is real, but Arnold and Gerald find out about their pranks to make it look like they're having bad luck.

Helga on the Couch (30 min) - After noticing Helga's behavior in school, the new child psychologist decides to set an appointment for Helga to meet her and find out why she acts the way she does.

Dino Checks Out (30 min) - Dino Spumoni fakes his own death to increase his record sales, but when someone else makes it big off of Dino's songs, he realizes that his life isn't over yet.


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