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5th Season

first aired - March 4, 2000

Monkeyman!, Buses, Bikes, and Subways, Helga's Masquerade, Mr. Green Runs, Sid the Vampire Slayer, Big Sis, New Bully on the Block, Phoebe Breaks a Leg, Helga's Locket, Sid and Germs, Parents Day, Summer Love, Stuck in a Tree, Rhonda Goes Broke, Beaned, Old Iron Man, Arnold Visits Arnie, Chocolate Boy, Harold and Patty Arm Wrestle, Arnold and the Rich Guy, The Racing Mule, Curly's Girl, On the Lam, Family Man, Simmons' Documentary, Big Bob's Crisis, Gerald's Game, Fishing Trip, Ghost Bride, Gerald vs. Jamie O, Grandpa's Packard, Phoebe's Little Problem, Timberly Loves Arnold, Eugene, Eugene!, Married, April Fools Day, The Journal

Monkeyman! (held over from 4th season) - Arnold is saved from muggers by the mysterious superhero Monkeyman, and invites him to the boarding house.

Buses, Bikes, and Subways (held over from 4th) - Helga and Harold are left behind during a trip to the chocolate factory, and have to find their own way home.

Helga's Masquerade (held over from 4th) - Helga gets lessons on how to act like Lila in order to impress Arnold at Rhonda's party. All goes well, until Arnold accidentally calls her Lila.

Mr. Green Runs (held over from 4th) - When City Councilman Gladhand does a poor job of taking care of the city, Mr. Green runs for office.

Sid the Vampire Slayer - After watching a horror film, Sid notices that Stinky has the attributes of being a vampire.

Big Sis - Olga comes home to visit, and as part of a Big Sis Little Sis program, spends her time with Lila instead of Helga, making Helga jealous.

New Bully on the Block - Ludwig, the new bully, comes into the neighborhood, and he, Wolfgang, and the 4th graders all want Geraldfield.

Phoebe Breaks a Leg - Phoebe, after doing one too many favors for Helga, breaks her leg, and enjoys her best friend's catering to her every whim while she's in her cast.

Helga's Locket - Helga loses her locket inscribed with her name, and Arnold's grandpa finds it.

Sid and Germs - Sid becomes obsessively clean after watching a hygiene film.

Parents Day (30 min, held over from 3rd season) - Arnold asks his grandpa to tell him the real story about what happened to his parents.
Summer Love (30 min) - When Arnold and Helga go to the beach for a week, a girl named Summer befriends Arnold so that she can win a sandcastle competition and the chance to appear on Babewatch.

Stuck in a Tree - Arnold, Harold, and Eugene get stuck in a tree and their only hopes of getting down are from Chocolate Boy.

Rhonda Goes Broke - When Buckley's stocks dry up, the Lloyds go broke and are forced to live at Sunset Arms.

Beaned - After getting hit in the head with a baseball, Helga develops amnesia and Arnold takes care of her. Wanting to continue getting Arnold's attention, Helga pretends to have amnesia after she recovers.

Old Iron Man - Grandpa and Jimmy Kafka, his rival since their school days, compete in the Old Iron Man triathlon.

Arnold Visits Arnie - Arnold visits Arnie's neighborhood and meets his strangely familiar friends.

Chocolate Boy - Chocolate Boy makes a bet with Wolfgang to not eat chocolate for two weeks, and decides he wants to quit for good.

Harold vs. Patty - Harold and Patty compete in an arm wrestling contest.

Arnold and the Rich Guy

The Racing Mule

Curly's Girl

On the Lam

Family Man

Simmons' Documentary

Big Bob's Crisis

Gerald's Game - Gerald gets swept away in a roleplaying card game, and it's up to Arnold to bring him back to reality.

Fishing Trip - Arnold, Gerald, Sid and Eugene's fathers take them on a fishing trip, but things don't go so well.

Ghost Bride - Gerald tells the story of the Ghost Bride, who haunts the city's cemetary.

Gerald vs. Jamie O -

Grandpa's Packard

Phoebe's Little Problem

Timberly Loves Arnold - Gerald's little sister Timberly gets a crush on Arnold.

Eugene, Eugene! - Eugene is excited about performing the lead in the school musical Eugene, Eugene!, until he finds out about Mr. Leichliter's alternate ending.

Married (30 min.) - Rhonda predicts that Arnold will marry Helga, and both dream about what it would be like.
April Fools Day (30 min.) - Arnold keeps falling for Helga's April Fools pranks, so he decides to get back at her with a gift box that glares a bright light. Helga's resulting blindness is only temporary, but she has no desire to tell Arnold that.
The Journal (2-part special)


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