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Links to other Hey Arnold! Sites

Active Hey Arnold! Sites
These websites are either new or are still growing and being updated. If you want to add your website to this list, please e-mail unofficialHA at gmail.com with your site's information.
Hey Arnold! on Fanfiction.net
Fanfiction.net is the largest fan fiction archive on the web. You can read thousands of Hey Arnold! fan stories, share reviews, and submit your own fanfics.
Don Del Grande's Hey Arnold! Site (Hey-Arnold.com)
Don's Hey Arnold! Site premeired in 1997, making it the very first Hey Arnold! fan site created. It's also one of the most comprehensive, with recent news, a programming schedule, character guides, cast and credits information, and a full episode guide with detailed notes and commentary. If you want to learn more about Hey Arnold, Don's website is your first stop.
Arnold's Room
Maintained by Stephen Pace as an MSN Group, Arnold's Room has become a hot spot for fan discussion thanks to its message board and chat room. This website features a detailed history of the show and fandom as well as chat and interview transcripts, graphics, sounds, and the occassional fan contest.
Arnold's Eyes
Arnold's Eyes also boasts an active fan forum, as well as fan art and fiction, media, and a great episode guide.
Available in both German and English, this website offers episode summaries, Flash games, wallpapers and graphics (including animated .gifs from the video games), and coloring pages.
Hey Arnold! on Livejournal
Livejournal is a blogging/journal community, and users can discuss the show at this Hey Arnold! group. If you don't have a Livejournal account you can still post comments, but you'll need an account to post new topics.
Hey Arnold (Heyarnold.prv.pl)
This Polish fan site offers just about everything: a wealth of information about the series, song lyrics, multimedia, games, quizzes, fan fiction and art, you name it.
  Hey-Arnold (Hey-Arnold.ru)
Hey-Arnold.ru is a Russian fan site with a forum, facts page, videos, avatars, and fan works. It has a very detailed character guide divided into families.
Save Hey Arnold!
Save Hey Arnold! is an MSN Group dedicated to convincing Nickelodeon to make the second Hey Arnold! movie (a.k.a. the "jungle movie"). Fans write letters to the network on planned dates in the hopes that Nick will notice the surge in interest. The site also features some interviews with Craig Bartlett and a message board.
The Official Hey Arnold! Fanlisting
Here you can join the fanlisting, grab one of their graphics for your own site, and proudly share your love for Hey Arnold! with the rest of the online world.
  Arnold VRS Brainy
Helga loves Arnold. Brainy loves Helga. But who's right for whom? This site muses on the compatibility of both couples and also has some detailed thoughts on the misunderstood character of Brainy.
  Arnold and Helga - Feelings Revealed
This site has character bios, a ton of images from the show, and even a few episode transcripts.
  Nothing But Helga!
A site dedicated to one character - Helga G. Pataki. This site has poems from Helga's little pink book, pictures and media, trivia, and a section about voice artist Francesca Smith.


Retired Hey Arnold! Sites
While these websites are no longer updated, they still hold a lot of valuable information and are worth checking out.
The Megawacky Dimension (last updated: 2003)
The Megawacky Dimension was one of the earliest Hey Arnold! sites created, and the first Arnold fansite available in two languages (Spanish and English). It has an impressive fan fic and art collection (including fan comics!), among many other things..
Hey! Arnold Stuff (last updated: 2005)
This site is maintained by Louis Gallegos, who was an assistant storyboard artist for Hey Arnold! during its 5th season. His site is an interesting glimpse behind the scenes of the show, showcasing artwork, memos, and photos of the cast and animation studio.
The Hey Arnold Archive (last updated: 2003)
The Hey Arnold Archive is probably best known for its collection of "grabpics" -- images taken straight from the show and traced to look like polished graphics. It also has screengrabs, wallpapers and AIM icons, as well as a Hey Arnold encyclopedia, Craig Bartlett interview, and a section dedicated to Arnold's grandpa. (Note: Heyarnold.net no longer works, so to reach the pages on this site you'll have to replace "heyarnold.net" with "haa.phpwebhosting.com" in the URL.
  The Curly Shrine (last updated: 2003)
A fansite dedicated to Thaddeus "Curly" Gamelthorpe. Features fan art, photos, quotes, sounds, and facts about Curly.
Love and Cheese (last updated: 2003)
Love and Cheese offers Hey Arnold themed site layouts, buttons, banners, and icons, as well as fan art and fan fiction.
Rhonda's Place (last updated: 2003)
A Rhonda-themed website with fan art and fiction, pictures, information on Rhonda, her friends and family, and a page for voice actress Olivia Hack.
John's Hey Arnold! Site (last updated: 2000)
This site has a character guide, a timeline, downloads, an episode guide, and a trivia quiz.
Helga's Little Pink Book (last updated: 2001)
This fansite offers downloadable mp3s, fan fiction, a section on Craig Bartlett, and excerpts from Helga's little pink book.
  Mary's Hey Arnold Page (last updated: 2001)
Mary's Hey Arnold Page features a character guide, a list of favorite episodes and quotes, fan fiction, and song lyrics.
  Hey Arnold! Helga Loves Arnold 4 Ever (last updated: 1999)
This site features information about the voice actors, pictures, sounds from the show, a few mp3s, fan fiction and fan art.

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