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Hey Arnold! Music

The music for Hey Arnold! was composed by the talented Jim Lang. You can hear more samples of Lang's work, including plenty of songs from Hey Arnold!, on his website Knobworld.com.

Thanks to Jim Lang and Craig Bartlett for providing the music and giving permission to share it with fans.

There are two Nicktoons CDs out there that include some of these songs. See the Merchandise page for more information.

Songs will open in a new window.

Jim Lang during production of the first season
Watch the Nicksclusive

Theme Music
Opening Theme (original)
Opening Theme (updated)
Closing Theme

Original Score
To hear more original score from Hey Arnold! visit Jim Lang's website,
Groove Remote (Lockjaw)
Street Ball 1
Funky Rags
Back to School
Home Wit Jerome
Helga's True Love 4
Helga On The Couch End Crx
The Kids Finally Get It
Parents Day End Crx

Songs by Dino Spumoni
Better Not Touch My Gal
My Last Bow

Songs from What's Opera, Arnold?
Habañera (Don Arnold and Ruth McCarmen)
Ride of Brunhelga (CD version)
Ride of Brunhelga (TV version)
CarmHelga's song
Curlamillo Enters
The Fight Sequence

Songs from Eugene, Eugene!
Keep Your Sunny Side Up
When Life Gives You Lemons

Other Songs
Look Up (from The List)
I'm Crazy (from 24 Hours to Live)
The Simple Things (from Mr. Hyunh Goes Country) - Sung by Randy Travis
Just My Tonsils (from Gerald's Tonsils) - Sung by Lou Rawls
I Saw Your Face and Wow (from Preteen Scream)
Old Tomorrow (from Road Trip) - Sung by Kate Miner
I Will Prevail (from Principal Simmons)
Miss Suzie Had a Tugboat (from Fishing Trip) - Sung by Davy Jones

Download all songs in one ZIP file (38 MB)
(Available on Rapidshare.de. Choose Free download, wait for your countdown to end, and enter the code that comes up.)


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