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Voice Artists

Here's where you can find out who's behind the characters. The list is divided into three pages (in alphabetical order by the artist's last name), but if you want to go straight to a specific character or artist, use the chart below.

Page 1 (A-D)
Page 2 (E-M)
Page 3 (N-Z)

Voice Artist Chart

By Character
Arnold - 1st season
Arnold - 2nd-3rd season
Arnold - 4th-5th season & movie
Arnold - post-movie episodes
Big Bob Pataki
Campfire Lass
Chocolate Boy
Coach Wittenberg
Curly - Deconstructing Arnold
Dino Spumoni
Don Reynolds
Dr. Bliss
Emily Dickinson trophy
Ernie Potts
Eugene - Christopher Castille
Eugene - Jarret Lennon
Eugene - Ben Disken
Gertrude (Arnold's grandma)
Helga Pataki
Jerry Berman (Harold's dad)
Johnny Stitches
Jolly Olly Man
Kyo Heyerdahl
Madam Blanche
Madam Parvenu
Mickey Kaline
Miles (Arnold's dad)
Miriam Pataki
Mr. Bailey
Mr. Leichliter
Mr. Simmons
Ms. Felter
Mrs. Johanssen
Mrs. Vitello
Nashville/Nocturnal Ned
Olga Pataki
Patti's dad
Peapod Kid
Phoebe Heyerdahl
Phil (Arnold's grandpa)
Pigeon Man
Principal Wartz
Reba Heyerdahl
Rhonda Lloyd
Ruth McDougal
Sheena's Uncle Earl
Stella (Arnold's mom)
Stoop Kid
Suzie Kokashka
Tish Wittenberg
By Artist
Ashton, Joseph
Baker, Kathy
Bartlett, Craig
Belafonte, Shari
Belushi, James
Bialik, Mayim
Bissette, Jaqueline
Buccille, Ashley
Butler, Dan
Castellaneta, Dan
Castile, Christopher
Caudell, Toran
Chabert, Lacey
Cooksey, Danny
Corso, Rick
Curry, Tim
Dick, Andy
Diller, Phyllis
Disken, Ben
Dreyfuss, Julia Louis
Futterman, Nika
Gibson, Henry
Gifaldi, Sam
Hack, Olivia
Irrera, Dom
Kane, Carol
Klein, Spencer
Korman, Harvey
LaMarche, Maurice
Lennon, Jarret
Linz, Alex
MacNeille, Tress
McAfee, Anndi
Mckean, Michael
Moriarty, Cathy
Najimy, Kathy
Osment, Haley Joel
Pearlman, Ron
Rawls, Lou
Scheer, Mary
Schiavelli, Vincent
Shenkarow, Justin
Smart, Jean
Smith, Francesca Marie
Smith, Jamil W.
Soucie, Kath
Takei, George
Van Dyke, Phillip
Warkol, Jordan
Wohl, David
Wylie, Adam

This page was originally created and maintained by Helga_Pataki2 at Helga's Shrine to the Football Head, but her site has closed down and the voice artist page moved here. The majority of the work here was done by her. These aren't all the voice artists, just the ones that H_P2, various other fans and myself could find photos on. For a complete list of the actors and their voicing roles, see the actors section of Don Del Grande's Hey Arnold Site.


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